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Our Story

Mend was born to create comfortable, functional and cruelty free footwear with a blend of Indian sensibilities.

A brand to celebrate the nomad

Our thoughts come alive where every collection is designed with an element of surprise – much like discovering the unknown lanes of a new city, sights at every corner of uninhabited mountains, iridescent hues in the boundless sky and the touch of breezy wind against the gilded sun…

Our Expression

Girls Images

We value comfort & quality

We craft expressions

We are young & unapologetically Indian

We are made to love, collect & last

The idea behind Mend is to create designs that last as an alternative to seasonal fast fashion - a truly less-is-more approach with a focus on quality. Recognizing the gap for comfortable footwear, we add a 6mm cushioning,customise the shape and material of our sole.

We are constantly evolving to blend the very essence of the brand with the uniqueness of our tribe. Our products are relatable and, in some ways, nostalgic. We are a brand which wholeheartedly embraces the hidden hands of the finest artisans and craftspeople behind the make of our handcrafted products.

Design Vocabulary

“Our home inspires us.

Our travels inspire us.

The simpler yet the finer things in life inspire us.”


We believe that comfort and design go hand in hand. From the very beginning, comfort has been our goal and not the by-product, thereby becoming a part of the core design language at Mend. Behind the many layers of our brand, you will find traces inspired by the obvious – art, culture, history, architecture and adventure.

We are particularly drawn to all that nature has to offer – its many colours and textures perfectly blend with the aesthetics of our brand. We continue to be inspired by the seemingly mundane beauty of the everyday.

Indian elements from across the map inspire the brand’s collections, the ‘Palm Batua’ sandals are inspired by a ticket collector’s wallet – something we came across travelling in a local bus in Kerala.
Our electric ‘Nimbu’ reflects the freshness of lime and the warm hued ‘sun-folk’ mirrors the perfect Goan sunrise.

Circle Image
Circle Image

These are the stories we are telling through our product and through a community. Our raw material is handpicked from local shops and villages we come across during our travels - handwoven Jute comes from Chennai, Mashru – a blend of cotton and silk comes from Gujarat, cane is sourced from Orissa – the list is endless and we intent to keep it growing.

Our People

"We are waves from the same sea,

Leaves from the same tree,

Flowers from the same garden.”

Each piece and print are designed in-house and meticulously handcrafted by our skilled artisans. It has been a conscious effort from our end to involve the local cobbler community and keep the process entirely hand done.

At present, we work significantly with 3 communities – we source traditional and sustainable fabrics/materials from skilled weavers, collaborate with hand embroiders who bring our vision to life and a small group of shoemakers who hand cut and craft limited batches of our designs.

As we grow, we hope to collaborate and support many more artisanal communities across pan India.